What is MESS?

The Montessori Education Society of Savannah (MESS) promotes and advances Montessori methods, principles, and education in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

Who is involved in MESS?

MESS is open to anyone in Savannah who cares about Montessori education. A majority of the Board of Directors are parents of current students at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy.

Why support Montessori education and awareness?

The Montessori philosophy is not just for the classroom.  Methods and techniques can be applied to day-to-day life and interaction within the community. We all benefit as a result of the promotion of cooperation, mutual respect, and acceptance of each individual.

What kinds of activities does MESS implement?

All members of the Savannah community are able to attend events that promote the Montessori philosophy and are a lot of fun too! These include informational sessions, hands-on events, and teacher training.

Where will my contribution go?

In the first few years the bulk of funds will go to directly support teacher credentialing at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, the largest Montessori provider in the Savannah area. Teachers are the foundation for the successful implementation of the Montessori philosophy across the community. Contributions will also support various events and informational sessions.

IS MESS for me?

If you believe in Montessori education your support of this organization is most appreciated.

How can I get involved?

  • Donate (your donation is tax exempt to the extent permitted by law)
  • Volunteer
  • Attend events
  • Share the MESS(age)!

Our News

MESS Holiday Photo Fundraiser

MESS Holiday Photo Fundraiser

The MESS 2017 Annual Holiday Photo Fundraiser is back! Thanks to the generous contributions of professional photographers (and current and former Ellis parents)...


New Projects for MESS!

We are excited to announce that MESS has successfully completed its first project – partnering with SCCPSS to raise $110,000 to provide training leading to...


2016 Child in Nature Symposium!

The second annual Child In Nature Symposium will be held at Oatland Island on Friday, April 8th from 4 pm until 7 pm and Saturday, April 9th from 9 am until 1 pm....