Montessori Education Society of Savannah

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The Montessori Education Society of Savannah (MESS) is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Montessori methods, principles, and education in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding areas.

By supporting increased awareness, understanding, and quality of Montessori education, the Savannah area will have a greater appreciation of the value that Montessori education brings to the community at large. Local students and teachers at Montessori institutions will benefit from an authentic Montessori experience and will in turn share those benefits with the broader community.

Core Values
We embrace the Montessori method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori in Italy at the turn of the 20th century. The method is based on children’s natural development and encourages growth of the whole individual – intellectually, socially, spiritually, and physically.

We believe in empowering teachers by giving them the resources they need to lead their Montessori classrooms as guiding Directors.  This empowerment further enhances their interaction with children and adults community-wide.

We embrace the unique ideas, interests and skills of each student. The brilliance of each individual learner adds great value to his or her community.

Our News

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